Dear Speaker

Thank you very much for your engagement and contribution to the conference programme of Technology Risk Management Forum.

We very much wish to make our collaboration successful, so please take a moment to review the speaker rules and guidelines presented below.

  1. We will be very appreciated for sending us your presentation by 4th June. All presentations will be shown from a conference room computer operated by a conference technician. The computer runs the latest release of PowerPoint. We can also beam presentations in pdf files. In justified cases, we may divert from the above but please inform us of such need as soon as possible.
  2. We will appreciate if when preparing your presentation you will use the enclosed conference template. We use a 16/9 projector.
  3. We have prepared dedicated graphics for use in publications on Linkedin and Facebook. We would appreciate if you recommend the conference and your presentation. Please supplement your posts with the link to the conference. The link is encoded and will automatically be shortened by Linkedin.
  4. During your presentation we will provide you with: a wireless microphone, remote control for flipping the slides, a monitor showing the presentation on the speaker stand, a clock counting down the time to the end of your presentation on a prompter. Should you have any additional technical requirements please do not hesitate to contact Agnieszka Wielądek ()
  5. We encourage participation in the entire conference programme, however, if you are not able to attend the whole event, please make sure you arrive at least one hour before the beginning of your presentation. Upon arrival please report to the special speakers’ reception desk to collect your ID badge and the conference agenda.
  6. We will make the conference presentations available as PDF files to the conference participants after the conference as a link to a specially developed non-public website. If you do not wish to have yours made available please inform us of that effect BEFORE the conference.
  7. During the conference, we will be taking photographs of the presenters and making video recordings of selected presentations. We will use the materials obtained in this way available to the participants, speakers and for promotional activities. If you do not consent to the recording of your image and presentation(s), please inform us till 4th June.
  8. Should any circumstances arise that would make your appearance impossible, please inform us without any delay.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me:

 Agnieszka Wielądek

Tel.: 792 517 050